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Starting to serve customers in Lake Villa, Antioch, and surrounding areas, Good Family Tattoo became one of the most loved tattoo and body piercing studios in Lake County, IL. 

Joel and Henry Huff, true veterans of tattooing and piercing, started their lives in art and music at very early ages. They grew up in a family with a rich art background. As a brilliant artist himself, Joel and Henry’s father was always very encouraging and supportive of their art.

In 1985 the Huff family moved to southern California where they embraced the world of punk-rock, skateboarding, street art, tattoos and piercing. Even though they started their tattoo career separately, they both had visualized what their ideal body art studio would look and feel like. They wanted a custom tattoo and body piercing studio that was stylish, clean, and comfortable. They wanted to open a studio in which their clients would be assured they would walk out with a high quality piece of art done. 

Joel and Henry knew that the only way to make their vision a reality was to go into business for themselves.

In 2014, Joel took over the business on his own and married his wife, Ashley in 2015. Since then, they have had two children, Bodhi and Holiday. 

And the result is what we currently know as Good Family Tattoo

About us

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